Specialist Fuchsias and Pelargoniums

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Sundial Garden Fuchsias and Pelargoniums

A Fuchsia For Every Taste
Fuchsias are a must for every garden, patio and even window box. In the last 150 years they have been bred into so many forms that you are sure to find some to your taste, from big and blowsy to compact and graceful, in colours from delicate pastel to bold scarlet and deep purple.

Over 100 of the cultivars we grow are hardy. This surprises many of our customers. Hardy fuchsias can be tall, short, upright or spreading, single, double or miniature flowered. There is one for almost any situation in the garden, and many grow well in that most awkward of environments, dry shade.

We also have a small selection of species fuchsias, which can be exotic-looking but are surprisingly easy to grow.

When is a Pelargonium Not a Geranium?
The humble cottage geranium is, botanically speaking, a zonal pelargonium, and to save confusion with the hardy garden geranium we call all ours by their proper name. The zonal pelargoniums we raise from cuttings are named varieties. Most have either double flowers or fancy foliage. If you think geraniums are dull, look again!

Regal pelargoniums are the most spectacular members of the family. Their richly coloured butterfly blooms are truly exotic. They make a wonderful pot or patio plant, needing a little shelter from the weather for best effect.

Our latest venture is a growing list of scented-leaf pelargoniums. Unfortunately scent is one thing which can’t be displayed online! Many have attractive, if not often showy flowers, and foliage which has texture and colour as well as smelling of lemon, pine, or even chocolate peppermint.

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