About Us

A Family Business Which Tries to be Green


David and Katharine Murray took over Sundial Garden in December 2002. Katharine has gardened enthusiastically for nigh on 40 years, latterly looking after and developing gardens for other people. Her plant knowledge is extensive and if she can’t answer your questions she can usually point you to a book which can!

Taking over a nursery with a highly specialist stock of fuchsias and pelargoniums was a new experience. Like most people, Katharine was bowled over by the sheer numbers of exquisite varieties which are never normally seen. She is particularly interested in the 100+ hardy varieties which we grow, and regularly gives talks about them to gardening clubs and other groups.

While Katharine rules in the polytunnels, David is more likely to be found in the kitchen, a role reversal which surprises some of our customers. After a career in biochemistry research, David has gladly embraced culinary skills and loves to send away a well-satisfied stomach.

David is also the one most likely to answer the phone and deal with administrative matters, when he is not out and about on our 3 acres doing maintenance on our buildings and equipment.

Stewardship of the environment is close to both our hearts, and we aim to leave as light a footprint as possible. We buy from local suppliers wherever possible, keep chemical pest controls to a minimum, use and sell only peat free composts, supply ourselves with solar hot water and firewood from our own land, and re-use and recycle wherever possible.