Sundial Garden Nursery

HEY BIG SPENDER in ten easy stages you will get a £5 discount!

Yes for every £5 you spend you get a stamp on our point collecting cards. Ten points gets you a fiver off your next purchase. Every time you spend you save.

Sundial Garden is not a Garden Centre…
… but a nursery. In other words, the vast majority of what we sell is grown on site, either from scratch or from a very young stage. This means that we know our plants intimately and can monitor their quality as they grow.

We don’t force plants or try to produce unnaturally lush or perfect specimens. Our hardy plants live outside except for the hardest part of the winter. We don’t use growth inhibitors or hormones, and employ biological control for pests wherever possible. If this means the odd blemish or slug hole, well, that’s real gardening. Our customers tell us that our plants are sturdy and grow away well.

As a small nursery we can’t stock everything. However, we do look for plants which are good value in the garden and most have been tried and tested in our own experience. Our half-acre garden is also our trial ground and a source of plant material for propagation, so you can often see plants growing before you buy. Many are old favourites, others plants which ought to be better known. We also look for plants which will grow well in those awkward situations, such as dry shade.

We think our prices, being direct from the nursery, are very competitive. Herbaceous perennials start at £2 for “babies”, £4 to £5 for established plants. Shrubs are around £5 to £7.50 depending on size.

We Also Sell

  • Bedding Plants and Bulbs in Season
  • Herbs, Fruit and Vegetable Plants
  • Seed Potatoes and Onion Sets
  • Alpines
  • Climbers
  • Pots and Containers
  • Peat-Free Composts
  • Garden Sundries