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Sundial Garden Ltd

11 - Jan - 2013

Do You Love Fuchsias and Pelargoniums? We Have One of the Best Collections in the Country



Sundial Garden,  on the A35 near Honiton for Fantastic Fuchsias - and Much More for less because:

HEY BIG SPENDER in ten easy stages you will get a £5 discount!

Yes for every £5 you spend you get a stamp on our point collecting cards. Ten points gets you a fiver off your next purchase. Every time you spend you save.


Sundial Garden has a fantastic collection of fuchsias, but also a great deal more. Whether you love plants and gardens, or honest local food and drink, or are just a weary traveller in need of a break on the A35, we have much to offer you.

  • As a specialist nursery we grow and propagate over 500 varieties of fuchsia, plus around 200 named pelargoniums
  • We also produce on site a full range of hardy garden plants, from must-haves for every garden to the off-beat and unusual
  • Our café serves breakfasts, real coffee, light lunches and teas in homely and relaxing surroundings - in the garden if you wish
  • The shop stocks traditional scrumpy cider on draught as well as a range of West Country bottled ciders and real ales
  • Half an acre of beautiful garden is open free of charge, whether it's the plants that interest you or you just need a quiet break

Sundial Garden Has All This and More
For us it is an extension of our home. Come for a cup of tea, explore our garden, and share our enthusiasm for good food, plants and growing things.

Opening Hours
Mar. - Oct. 9:30am - 5:30pm except Sun from 11:00am

Nov. - Feb. 10:00am - 4:00pm except Sun when open from 11:00am.  CLOSED every Tuesday, Wednesday and from the 25th December until the end of January

Contact Us

For more information about us, any of our flowers or products or even the services we provide then don't hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us using the contact form on our contact us page, by using the contact details opposite or by simply popping in to come and see us in person. A member of our friendly team will always be happy to help with your enquiries.


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